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Speed Optimization

We could optimize your website speed and make it faster for your visitors. We speed up your loading time. ThemePrix check your website for speed optimization as free. So don’t hesitate, Our experts will check your website and give you a free and real report. Order Speed Optimization.

We use all speed optimization tools to improve your site speed like GTmetrix and Light house.

What We Do For Speed Optimization Service?

  • Check your server configuration.
  • We check your images and optimize all images such as reduce image size or use different images formats.
  • Check your resources size(all files which your website load as assets like CSS and Javascript files).
  • Optimize and minify your CSS and Javascript files.
  • Reduces your HTTP requests.
  • Combine your CSS and Javascript files(if possible) to increase requests.
  • Remove unused or unnecessary resources.
  • Checking your hosting quality and server response time.
  • Setup and optimize Server Cache.
  • Setup Browser cache.
  • Enabling some speed optimization features like Gzip compression.
  • Setup a proper┬ácontent delivery network(CDN) according to your website and your visitors.

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